Pupillary Distance Guide

Pupillary Distance or PD is often referred to the distance between the middle portion of your pupils of your eyes. It is usually measured in millimeters and it is necessary to measure your pupillary distance in order to make your prescription eyewear.

You are planning to get eyewear

If you are planning to get eyewear then it’s necessary to measure for you to get pupillary distance measurement done. Any optometrist or optician who has had training in the field of optics can help you measure the pupillary distance. It is better to visit an optician because they can help you get the exact reading without any errors. However you can do it yourself if you have a PD stick that measures in millimeters or a pupillometer.

Measure pupillary distance

  • You can check the pupillary distance between your pupils by holding a scale in millimeters on the bridge of your nose.
  • If you have someone who can help you, make them stand at arm’s length when you do this.
  • The distance between the center of your pupils must be measured before distance glasses are purchased.
  • If you are alone and attempting this then face the mirror and do it yourself. If you currently own a pair of prescription eyewear then you can draw dots on your glasses lenses with a highlighter at same location as your pupils and measure the distance between them.
  • With the easy to follow steps pupillary distance for progressive lenses can be measured in under 5 minutes.

In case you are unable to get a proper reading on your own, don’t hesitate to visit an optometrist. Measuring pd for glasses is not very expensive or time consuming hence the charges will be reasonable. You can also use mobile apps which allows you to measure your pupillary distance if incase you don’t have access to a PD stick or pupillometer. These days one can even measure pupillary distance online with pd glasses measurement online videos and and web applications.

Guideline: Pupillary distance for progressive lenses

  • Most adults have a pupillary distance between 55-65.
  • Most kids have a pupillary distance between 42-54.
  • Once you have your pupillary distance measured you can safely buy distance glasses with a click of a button at home.
    Prescription glasses are extremely useful in improving your vision and most of the time they can help you get rid of any vision related disabilities.

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